The Sequoia School combines Kinesthetic learning techniques and the teachings of Mindful Schools and Rainbow Kids Yoga to create a uniquely effective and engaging Movement & Mindfulness curriculum that satisfies Victorian Curriculum and Equity Funding requirements


  • For students (and teachers!) that are more in control of their emotions, actions, decisions and futures!
  • To give students and teachers the tools to have more focus, attention, self-control, cohesion and joy in their classrooms
  • Save teachers’ time & reduce report writing stress; our programs are curriculum compliant, providing progression point observation opportunities
  • Complement and concrete your social and emotional learning programs with opportunities for practical applications
  • Create empowered ambassadors for self-control, self-awareness and success; students who complete The Sequoia School program become awesome role models for their school communities.



Your school’s customised term program plan includes VCAA & AusVels curriculum and assessment progression points and any requested specific school curriculum topics along with quantifiable data collection, a results report, staff Professional Development and community outreach classes.

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Victorian Department of Education Equity Funding eligible

Bring in-depth sessions tailored to fit your groups’ desired topics, needs and/or objectives to your next professional development, school camp or health & well-being focus day!

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Experience your own personalised sessions of physical, breathing and mindfulness practices created with the appropriate tone for you and your goals (e.g. relaxation, connective, energising).

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In January 2018 we are hosting day programs with other complementary practictioners in Geelong and Melbourne.

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